January 27, 2016 12:30 PM

Baby’s day out!

While Carrie Underwood was giving a walkthrough of her wardrobe room in preparation for her The Storyteller tour on Tuesday, her son Isaiah Michael was busy taking his own walk — on the wild side.

“While Mommy was at work today, the little man made a new friend!” the “Heartbeat” singer, 32, wrote alongside a snapshot of her baby boy observing the big cats on Instagram.

Source: Carrie Underwood/Instagram; Inset: Getty

Although Underwood is juggling her 11-month-old son with husband Mike Fisher and all her professional endeavors — a balance that can lead to a bit of mom guilt! — the country star admits motherhood has been far easier than she envisioned.

“I think I honestly expected — it’s gonna sound weird — but I expected the worst,” Underwood told PEOPLE in June.

“We’re laid-back parents and he’s a laid-back baby and … it surprised me that it’s a little easier than I thought it was gonna be.”

And while her routine has changed — including her mornings that were once spent catching up on the news! — Underwood says it’s all been well worth it.

“I used to watch the news in the mornings. Now I sit in the floor with my cup of coffee and this munchkin and sing the ‘Hot Dog’ song! I think like it better this way!” she captioned a candid of her son watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

— Anya Leon

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