September 02, 2015 04:36 PM

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Carrie Underwood may be a seven-time Grammy winner, but she’s still prone to the accidents and scares that come with being a parent.

Nearly two months after her 6-month-old son Isaiah Michael was accidentally locked in the singer’s car, forcing her to break in, Underwood is finally opening up about what really went down.

“It was such a random thing, we were at the airport,” Underwood explains of the terrifying July incident during an interview with Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray on their US99.5 radio show.

The singer and her husband, Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher, left their car on and doors open after parking and exiting the vehicle at the airport, giving one of their pet dogs the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc.

“My husband and I both got out at the same time, and both shut the door at the same time, and immediately one of our dogs — I still don’t know what one it was — jumped up on the control panel on the door,” she says.  “[We] heard the thing click, and I was like, ‘The doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked.’ “

Underwood, 32, who tweeted about the incident at the time it occurred, says that “nobody had a spare set of keys.”

After trying, unsuccessfully, to open the doors without force, the couple “ended up having to break the window.”

While baby Isaiah was more than okay, the car wasn’t. The ultimate kicker? The now damaged vehicle belonged to Underwood’s in-laws! “I don’t think our dogs will ever be invited back,” she jokes.

The country singer, whose upcoming album Storyteller is set to drop Oct. 23, also opened up about how her fans’ expectations of her have changed since she became a mother. Underwood admits she feels like listeners are expecting her to put out a record of children’s music.

“I’ve gotten so many questions about it,” she explains before joking, “Like I’m gonna write an entire album of baby lullaby songs or I’d be all of a sudden a wuss or something.”

The star insists while aspects of her life have undergone “inevitable” changes since Isaiah was born, her music will remain the same.

“It doesn’t change everything about me,” she shares. “It just added a wonderful new layer, a wonderful new dimension to my life.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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