Carrie Underwood's Sweetest Family Snaps

The country star's family - which includes husband Mike Fisher and sons Isaiah and Jacob - is just too adorable

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Looking Up to Big Bro

Isaiah shows younger brother Jacob how to fish while out with dad Mike Fisher in July 2020.

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Birthday Boy

Jacob turns 2! For his youngest son's big day, Fisher shared a sweet moment between his boys to celebrate Jacob's mini milestone.

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Taking Flight

It's flying lessons with dad every morning at the Fisher house.

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Target Practice


Fisher and Isaiah take aim in this snap from early June 2018, which the hockey star captioned, "Eye on the target."

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Creek Cutie

Mike Fisher/Instagram

"So grateful," Fisher captioned this photo of his wife and son fishing on Mother's Day 2018.

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Team Effort Underwood/Instagram
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

"Saving $$$ on grooming now that he's out of a job…" Underwood captioned a snap of Isaiah helping Fisher get rid of his beard after the Nashville Predator's playoff loss in May 2018.

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Puck Stops Here

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Fisher was all smiles as the Nashville Predators center handed his son Isaiah (held by his uncle) a puck straight from the ice.

"My boys … (and Uncle @budfisher 😜)," Underwood captioned the post. "I wonder if he'll remember seeing his daddy play…I sure hope so."

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Gone Fishin'

Mike Fisher/Instagram

Isaiah caught his first fish with his dad - and he couldn't be prouder. "Little man got this one with his first cast today and reeled it in himself," Fisher captioned this sweet shot on Instagram.

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Sweet Squats

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

"My boys make work outs fun (and a bit less productive, but that's ok)!" Carrie captioned this snap of the two engaging in a set of mother-son squats.

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Sleigh Ride


On a trip to Canada, Fisher and Isaiah bundled up to get in some father-son time on the toboggan.

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Bedtime Story


"My heart melts," Underwood captioned the sweet clip of Fisher reading a book to Isaiah before bed in their pajamas.

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Christmas Fun!


The Fisher family got in the holiday spirit with a freshly baked batch of Christmas cookies. "I actually don't think I've ever made Christmas cookies before but this will definitely be a new tradition in the Fisher household!" Underwood wrote alongside the photo.

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Super Parents

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

In case you needed proof that Isaiah's mom and dad are superheroes, take a peek at Underwood and Fisher's "PJ Masks," which they don when preparing son Isaiah for bed. "Just a typical Thursday night at the Fisher house…featuring Catboy, Gekko and Owlette! It's time to be a hero! #PJMasks," the singer wrote in the caption.

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Stretch It Out

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Isaiah clocks in some mother-son time at the gym, where the toddler can be seen working on his yoga moves with mom Underwood.

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Travel Buddy

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Isaiah may not have made it to New Zealand with his famous mom, but he sure did try - as evidenced by this cute snap.

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Puppy Love

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Bring on the belly rubs! "I half expected these two to clash, but with lots of carefully watched playtime and working hard to teach both how to treat each other, we've managed to do alright!" Underwood wrote of her son and dog Penny's relationship. "I even think they might [heart] each other!"

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Park Pals

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Isaiah runs around the park while the Grammy winner documents the sweet moment.

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Cuddle & Curl

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

The famous mom has definitely mastered multitasking. "He doesn't care that Mommy had to get ready for a show...all he knows is that he woke up cranky from his nap and needed a cuddle...and I was more than happy to comply," she captioned a dressing room photo.

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Whole New World

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

Isaiah got to "take in" New York City in October 2016.

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Baby Battles

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

"Some mornings, pants are optional...even when the fedora is not. Just kidding, we had a blowout. #KeepingItReal #momlife," the singer captioned a photo from her morning struggles.

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Mama Time

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

Underwood had flawless plans for her first Mother's Day. "Plans for today: snuggle with this handsome guy. That is all. Pretty sure it's going to be a great day!" she said on Instagram.

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Summer Lovin'

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram; Todd Williamson/Getty Images

"He soaks in the sunshine … and I realize that he is mine … I don't deserve such sweetness," Underwood captioned a photo of Isaiah laughing.

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Courtesy Carrie Underwood

At seven months old, Isaiah played with his toys while wearing a pumpkin-esque mask.

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Lil' Bookworm

Heather Pohlman

Seen here flipping through a picture book, Underwood and Fisher's little one sported a gingham print shirt to tackle reading time.

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Paradise, Found

Courtesy Carrie Underwood

Although this photo finds Underwood and her son on a rare getaway, it doesn't compare to the dream vacation the singer has in mind for her son. "I want to take him to Disney World when he's 5," she said.

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A Candid Moment

Courtesy Carrie Underwood

"[Mike] is a great dad," the country star told PEOPLE. "My trust in him has only gotten deeper."

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Like Mother, Like Son

Heather Pohlman

Isaiah took a turn at a baby piano, proving that his Grammy-winning mom's penchant for music definitely runs in the family.

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Step By Step

Heather Pohlman

"I don't think Mike would be like, 'We failed!' if he doesn't play hockey," Underwood told PEOPLE of her son, pictured here wearing his dad's hockey jersey.

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Nap Time

Courtesy Carrie Underwood

Isaiah squeezed in a much-needed nap session by a window.

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Mommy & Me

Courtesy Carrie Underwood

"Right now he's such a blank canvas," the singer told PEOPLE of Isaiah.

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High Hopes

Courtesy Carrie Underwood

"We want him to have a good, hardworking heart," Underwood said of her and Fisher's wishes for their son, pictured here taking a nap with dad.

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Every Last Drop

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

"Enjoy it, baby boy...when you're an adult, sticking your face in the bowl to lick the bottom is 'frowned upon,' " Underwood jokingly warned her son, who is clearly passionate about food.

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Like Father, Like Son

Source: Mike Fisher Instagram

Isaiah inherited Fisher's perfect selfie technique.

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Wild Thing

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

In January 2016, Isaiah came face-to-face with a very special "new friend."

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Snooze Crew

Source: Carrie Underwood Instagram

Isaiah and his dad got a bit sleepy during the little one's first trip to Mom's band rehearsal.

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