By peoplestaff225
April 28, 2009 07:30 AM

I grew up writing thank-you notes for everything because of my mom, who would lovingly stand over my brother and me to be sure we dotted our “i”s and crossed our “t”s. And due to her, I still enjoy sending hand-written thank-you notes to friends and family members after birthdays and holidays, and have fun picking out the stationery I use to send my thanks. That’s why I love Carrie & Tuck‘s adorable NoteTotes ($39) by Boatman Geller.

Purse-like packets filled with a pen, address sheet, mini-clipboard, cards, envelopes and paper. Perfect for moms on the go, they put all of your writing needs in one convenient place (since we know it can be hard to keep track of the little things in life!).

The totes come in four colors (brown, blue, green and pink) and have tons of fun refill packs with various motifs ($18 each). A great Mother’s Day option; in fact, the company recently gifted the totes to new moms Alyson Hannigan and Amy Poehler (among others). In an era of email, Twittering and Facebook messaging, it’s a nice return to “old-fashioned” letter writing.

— Kate

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