Caroline Rhea Introduces Daughter Ava

Children are an endless source of humor, and Caroline Rhea hit the jackpot when she welcomed daughter Ava Rhea Economopoulos in October. The 44-year-old comedian has already worked motherhood jokes into her standup routine, and happily tried out a few during a Wednesday appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. “Ask me if I’d like to have dinner,” she instructed host Regis Philbin, before replying “I am dinner!” Speaking of breastfeeding, Caroline joked that her bras are no longer measured by cup size and are instead measured by “baby head” size. “I’m a 4BH,” she laughed. Finally, she offered up a knock-knock joke that every new parent can appreciate.

“Knock-knock. Who’s there? I don’t care who, as long as you wash your hands when you come in the room.”

After a commercial break a sleeping 4-month-old Ava made a brief appearance, cradled by her dad Costaki Econompolous — who earns rave reviews from Caroline. “He changes a thousand times more diapers than I do,” she admits. “He’s an amazing father.” His Valentine’s Day gift did leave something to be desired, however! “He gave me a Snuggie,” Caroline revealed. “Not romantic!” From the sound of things, however, romance is the farthest thing from Caroline’s mind. “I just had my first postpartum doctors visit, where I got the bad news that I could exercise and have sex again,” she joked, prompting co-host and mom-of-three Kelly Ripa to respond, “Some doctors will push that date back for you if you want.”

Both Kelly and Caroline agreed that Ava favors Costaki and has Caroline’s skin tone, although it didn’t start out that way. “At first we thought she had this beautiful Greek coloring, but it was just jaundice,” Caroline joked. “Everyone thought, ‘Oh my God, she looks like Costaki!’ And then when her cheeks filled out and she got a little fat, they said, ‘Oh she does look like you.'” She adds,

“I always told Costaki, ‘I want a baby that looks like you and acts like me. You’ll be tortured!’ I love it. The plan worked perfectly.”

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

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