By peoplestaff225
November 05, 2008 09:00 AM

Caroline Grayshock for OK!

It has been no secret that Carnie Wilson has been shedding the pounds before giving her daughter Lola Sofia, 3 ½, a sibling and now the 40-year-old — who has lost 50 lbs — has gotten her wish! In a new interview with OK!, Carnie confirms that she is expecting her second child with husband Rob Bonfiglio, sharing that the new baby is due in June. While the couple were trying to conceive, the news still came as a surprise to Rob, who found out after arriving home from a jazz concert. Saying that her husband was very happy, Carnie reveals how she broke the news:

Despite having her first ultrasound and seeing only onebaby, Carnie admits that she has twins on her mind! "My sister hadtwins; my grandmother was a twin and my grandmother’s aunt had twins.It’s not confirmed that it’s not two because one could be hiding inback of the other!"

Elated to welcome her second child, Carnie — who says"the most love you can feel is the love for your child" — is hopingfor a boy and apparently isn’t alone in that wish. "Lola pointed to the[ultrasound] screen and was laughing, ‘That’s my brother Jake!’"Unfortunately, as the singer points out, "in an Italian family, it’straditional for the son to be named after the father, at least thefirst-born male."

Source: OK!