Carnie Wilson talks about baby weight and gastric bypass


In a new video posted at Mom Logic, singer Carnie Wilson, 39, advises women who are contemplating both motherhood and gastric bypass surgery to pursue the surgery first — and then wait 18 months before becoming pregnant. Carnie — who famously shed 150 pounds after her own gastric bypass in 1999 only to gain nearly half the weight back while carrying daughter Lola Sofia, now 2 ½ — feels that her pregnancy weight gain was inevitable.

I was really scared to get pregnant … and I gained 70 pounds with the pregnancy.  I realize now that, bypass or no bypass, I was going to gain that weight.  I was craving carbohydrates and when I eat carbs, I don’t lose weight.  And if I’m not exercising, I’m definitely gaining weight.

Lola is Carnie’s first child with husband Rob Bonfiglio.

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