By Alexia Fernandez
June 06, 2017 08:46 PM
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Carmen Baldwin wants a baby sister and she thinks she knows just hot to get one.

Her mom, Hilaria, posted an adorable photo of Carmen, 3, to Instagram, writing, “Carmen has been begging for a baby sister. She finally got fed up and shoved a baby doll up her dress, telling me she will have the baby for me. But I’m mommy and she is the big sister.”

In the photo, Carmen cradles a lumpy bump on her tummy, where she’d placed the baby doll, while wearing a cute pink dress and a sparkly jacket.

However, as her mother later described, Carmen already had an idea of how getting a baby sister might work.

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“She also told me that the mommy swallows the baby to get in the tummy then the baby hatches out of its shell,” Hilaria continued.

Hilaria and husband Alec Baldwin welcomed Carmen in 2013. Since then, they’ve given Carmen two little brothers, Rafael Thomas, 1, and Leonardo Angel, 9 months.