By peoplestaff225
Updated September 21, 2008 10:00 AM

Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Reaching a wider audience with his role on Lipstick Jungle, Carlos Ponce says there’s no doubt that the entertainment industry is "a very hard career to go through alone [and] you need to have someone who puts your feet on the ground." For Carlos, that special someone is his wife, professional photographer Veronica Ponce, with whom he has four children — sons Giancarlo, 9, and Sebastian Joel, 7, and twins Sienna Natasha and Savannah Ala, 6.

The family lives in Florida, where Carlos — who studied Russian to be able to speak to the twins in their native language — changes from a professional actor to a hands-on dad preparing (several!) meals and shuffling the kids off to school every day. "I take my kids to school…I make them breakfast. Unfortunately, dad is a big spoiler and most days I make four different breakfasts." Calling him a great father to their kids, Veronica, goes on to say that the couple are completely committed to making their family work.

Lipstick Jungle‘s season premiere airs Wednesday, September 24th.