Cardi B always has one person in her corner — her younger sister Hennessy Carolina

By Ale Russian
April 18, 2018 12:00 AM

Cardi B always has one person in her corner — her younger sister Hennessy Carolina.

The social media star and fashion designer, 22, spoke to PEOPLE about standing up for her sister after Cardi confirmed she was pregnant with fiancé Offset’s baby.

After the big reveal some fans took to social to media to relay their opinions, telling the “Bodak Yellow” rapper motherhood could slow her burgeoning professional success. Cardi said the unwanted advice “disgusts” her in a recent interview — and Carolina agrees.

“Why is anyone saying anything so mean to someone? A baby is a blessing,” she tells PEOPLE. “Why would you talk about it like it’s a bad thing? My sister is such a good person, I wouldn’t want nobody to talk bad about her. It really hurts. But I’m not gonna let them stress me out anymore. I’m tired of it!”

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Carolina is excited now that her sister doesn’t feel the need to hide the pregnancy. After months of speculation, the rapper revealed her sizable bump during her Saturday Night Live performanceon April 7. She was later seen saying she’s “finally free” in a video taken backstage, and Carolina shares her feelings.

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“I know she’s happy. No more people talking about her,” she says. “I know she’s happy and she’s free. She can go out and eat food, not hide what she wants to wear.”

Carolina is competing in the new season of MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, where she’s up against fierce competition in order to win money for her charity, BronxWorks. The organization helps build up areas of the New York City borough where Carolina and Cardi B grew up.

“I was really proud to represent the Bronx. That was the only reason why I really did it,” Carolina admits. “I was really trying to avoid drama, cause I’ve seen episodes before and I’ve seen that there’s a little drama, but I really just did it for the charity. I tried my best for the Bronx.”

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV after the finale of The Challenge: Vendettas.