By peoplestaff225
January 18, 2008 01:10 PM

Our friend Robert at the modern baby review site Coochicoos recently launched Car & Caboodle, a new blog devoted to the family car. As always, he’s hit upon a brilliant niche because most parents drive and have to contend with negotiating form with function. Our Ciaran has joined his staff too (don’t worry, she’ll still be writing for us!). I’ll also be contributing a "Getting Real Behind the Wheel/Mommy Driver" post.

Robert told us,

Instead of focusing on horsepower, gear ratios, and quarter mile times, they’ll be talking about third-row legroom, car seat capacity, in-carentertainment, trunk space and family road trips. Whether deciding on a new car for a growing family or needing hands-onreviews of the latest car and travel accessories and mobile kid gear – they have just the info, links and special deals to get you rolling.

Head over to Car & Caboodle to get the parents’-eye view of your major mode of transportation.