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I recently discovered La-Tee-Da!’s line of gorgeous lamp collections.With most candles, the packaging is almost an afterthought, but withLa-Tee-Da!, the beautiful glass is almost as important as the scenthoused inside. With a menu of over 30 custom-blended sophisticatedfragrances, their lamps are as delicious as they are lovely. Theirfragrance lamps, which, using a catalytic technology and a lowtemperature, flameless wick, replace unwanted smells with wanted ones. Their reed diffusersdisperse fragrant oils along straw-like reeds without heat or flames,making it a very safe option for families with children or people whoforget to blow out candles. And, not content to simply offer a waxcandle, their effusion crown candlesinclude a ceramic crown on top of the candle that releases a matchingfragrance that enhances the scent of the clean-burning food-gradeparaffin wax candle.

You can’t purchase their products on their site, but you can find a store near you or buy online.

My husband always teases me aboutwhat I’m baking because our apartment frequently smells of vanilla-ydesserts. If you’re a fan of Yankee Candle Company but want something a little more sophisticated, you’ll enjoy DIRT Candles.They are not only deliciously scented but make me feel a little betterabout burning them because they are made of biodegradable soybean waxand natural scents.

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Petal Candlesare made from a premium soy-beeswax blend and arefragranced with essential oils and fragrance oil blends. The wicks aremade from organic cotton and the glass containers use recycled glass. Itried Fig Blossom, Noel (a holiday must-have), Lush, Sugar, Tarocco,Pod, and liked all of them. Thirteen ounce jar candles are $25 or mixand match 3 oz. glass votives and/or 2 oz. travel tins. They’ll wrapthem for you but the jar candle comes in a pretty box that you can justpop a bow on and call it a day.

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