Candace Parker Planned to Tackle Parenthood Young

In her first interview since revealing that she is expecting her first child with husband, Sacramento Kings player Shelden Williams, Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker shares that she is more than ready to tackle motherhood.

Admitting to the Los Angeles Times that there was no question the couple wanted children, Candace credits her own parents as her motivation to being a young mom — a comment made by her team’s general manager gave a due date in May, which will make the player 23-years-old when she welcomes her first child. “When I was growing up, I had older parents and I missed out on their careers. My older brother knew my dad as a professional and I’d like to give that gift to my child,” says Candace. It seems the mama-to-be isn’t the only one ready to meet the newest addition to the family as she explains the upcoming birth has everyone thrilled.

“First and foremost this is a great thing for my family. I’m excited to be expanding my family. So is my husband.”

However, despite her utter joy to be expecting, Candace admits that her determination to participate in the upcoming basketball season — which begins in May — has some people questioning not only her abilities, but her priorities as well. Taking it all in stride, Candace says she simply turns a seemingly negative situation into a positive. “Obviously there are some naysayers out there, but that only motivates me to come back quicker and better if that’s possible.”

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To accomplish her goal, Candace has adopted a light exercise routine, including some “light elliptical training [and] light, light weights,” as she is “doing everything in my power to be ready to play as quickly as possible.” While the pregnancy “hasn’t taken a huge toll” on the athlete, she realizes “not everything is in my control,” as there is a chance Candace may not contribute this round.

“Everybody says it’s just a matter of time and of listening to your body. Whether it’s June or July, everybody’s different. The biggest thing for me is not a matter of if or when but of coming back with a good balance in my life. I think it is possible to have a child and dominate sports.”

After all, according to Candace, having motherhood on her resume simply “adds to my profile,” making her “a fuller, happier person.” As she awaits her spring arrival, Candace — who looks forward to bringing the baby to practice and games — is relaxing and enjoying the turns her life has taken. “You can’t plan everything in your life, but you can plan for how you handle things,” notes the mama-to-be.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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