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Updated January 24, 2010 08:00 PM

Spending a nine-year hiatus from show business raising a family was exactly the experience needed in order for Candace Cameron Bure to make her big comeback in her latest show Make It or Break It, she says.

“I think being a mom and having the maturity and patience with children, that I can definitely draw on that when [my onscreen daughter] gives me those zingers of comments and lines,” she says in a new interview with Media Blvd. “You have to take it all in stride and certainly I can feed off of that from being a mom.”

With the hit series airing Monday nights at 9 p.m., Candace believes the time slot should give parents a clue about what to expect in the storylines.

“It is on ABC Family, but … it does have a rating of 14+. I hope parents are sitting down and knowing what their children are watching, would see the 14+ in the upper corner of the television to know the rating,” she explains.

That said, the mother-of-three admits that while Natasha, 11, Lev, 9 ½, and Maksim, 8, “are interested to see what Mom’s doing,” Candace is always near with the control!

“Even with my children and me it’s a major concern,” she admits. “There are certain parts that my children can watch and that’s what we do. We sit with the remote and we watch the gymnastics parts … but when there are those teen conversations that talk about sex or things that are too mature for my children, we fast-forward through it.”

Natasha, Lev, and Maksim are Candace’s children with husband Valeri Bure.

Source: Media Blvd

— Anya