"We start in the summer so that will be great - they'll be able to come while school's out," Bure tells PEOPLE

As Candace Cameron Bure gears up to reprise her role as DJ Tanner for the 2016 Netflix series, Fuller House, she has plenty going on in her own house to keep her busy until shooting begins in July.

“My oldest is driving. She just started a couple months ago,” she told PEOPLE at An Evening with Dancing With The Stars at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. The former DWTS finalist was on hand to celebrate the show’s 20th season, which will wrap next week.

“[Natasha] just drives close to the house, when we need stuff,” Bure says of her 16-year-old.

But just because Natasha is able to drive doesn’t mean that her mom gives her the license to go wherever she wants. “We have strict rules on what kind of driving she can do and where,” Bure explains.

Candace Cameron Bure Fuller House

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Instead of being scared that her teen is behind the wheel, Bure, 39, is embracing the benefits of her daughter’s newfound mobility. “She’s a great helper,” she shares. “I love having an extra driver around the house so she can grab the boys or run to the grocery store.”

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Another place Bure might let her daughter drive her and her brothers, Lev and Maksim, is to Fuller House tapings to watch her mom in action.

“I’m expecting that my kids will be there for every live audience taping that we have,” she says. “We start in the summer so that will be great — they’ll be able to come while school’s out.”

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— Abby Stern