Camilo Explains How He and Pregnant Wife Evaluna 'Fell in Love' with Baby Name They Chose

"I'm excited," Colombian singer Camilo, who is expecting his first baby with wife Evaluna, tells PEOPLE

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry
Photo: John Parra/Getty Images

Camilo can't wait for fatherhood.

The 27-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter and his wife Evaluna Montaner revealed in the music video for their song "Índigo" earlier this month that they are expecting their first baby together. The couple met in 2015 at an event in Bogotá, Colombia, later getting engaged in 2018 and tying the knot in February 2020 with a ceremony in Miami.

Camilo tells PEOPLE that they were "very excited to share the news" with fans.

"To have something so positive and so beautiful to share and you don't share it, you have this anxiety of releasing that because it's positive energy and beautiful. I'm excited," he says of breaking the news.

He says they found out in the Dominican Republic while on tour together with their extended family along for the ride. When Evaluna was feeling symptoms, she secretly took "like seven different pregnancy tests" and soon "woke me up from a nap and told me the news," shares Camilo.

"The whole family was together, so it was a blessing that we could tell everybody at the same time," he says.

The artist also explains where they got inspiration for the name Índigo: "It is different. First we wanted a name so we could start talking to the baby with that name, but a neutral name because we don't know if it's a boy or a girl."

"We love the Índigo, per se, the mystic and spirit around Índigo, not only as a color but the meaning of it. We love it," he continues. "We were in India three or four years ago and we loved how important Índigo is for the Indian culture, for the fabrics and everything. We just fell in love with that. Also, I love the way it sounds. The way the accent is on the first syllable, it sounds beautiful. I love it."

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Camilo recalls that Evaluna experienced "crazy dizziness" during one stage of her pregnancy so far, though he says she has been "strong" throughout. "She's been very powerful. She's super good with her body, with the relationship she's had with the baby. We're just focused on enjoying the process," he says.

Meanwhile, Camilo has plenty to celebrate: He scored 10 Latin Grammy nominations, including album of the year for Mis Manos.

"It's been a huge surprise. All of those nominations are from my album that we released at the beginning of this year and it is a very personal album for me, a reflection," he tells PEOPLE. "It's a very personal exploration ... as a Colombian artist, as a songwriter, and exploration of my roots, of my identity. Everything that is happening with the album, I really feel like it's happening to me as a person, so I'm very grateful.

"With this tour that I'm doing right now, I've been able to connect with a lot of people that have used my music as a vehicle for releasing pain and for celebrating life moments," says Camilo. "I feel very grateful that songs that are so important for me and for my life are impacting such a beautiful way the life of so many people in different ages."

He adds that he can't wait to bring his expanded family on tour in the future.

"I'm really dreaming about bringing my entire family with me on my tour, going with Evaluna on her projects, together as a family. I'm pretty curious about that," he says. "I'm excited and I know since everything we're doing and going through is because of love, I know it's going to be alright."

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