The former Brazilian model is giving back to the community in a big way by donating pouches of her Yummy Spoonfuls product

Credit: Getty Images for Feeding America

Camila Alves has a lot on her plate — and not just her amazing recipes!

The busy mom of three and former model manages three different businesses, a non-profit organization and a hectic travel schedule, yet she’s still finds time to give back to the community in a big way.

“Sometimes we get caught up with all the stuff that we got going on,” Alves, 35, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It doesn’t take much, maybe an hour of your day or a couple of hours of your day that can really impact people.”

Last Friday, Alves donated a truckload of 75,000 pouches of Yummy Spoonfuls product to Feeding America and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County to be distributed to local school pantries as part of their Spoonfuls of Giving Campaign.

“Being a mom is hard enough and you’re always trying to do the right thing for your kids and it’s hard when you can’t,” she says. “Being able to provide a meal for kids who don’t have any goes without words — it’s basic necessities.”


The Yummy Spoonfuls partner joined forces with the organic baby food brand in 2014 to bring families unprocessed, naturally nutritious, organic and affordable baby and toddler food.

“A core part of my company is how we give back to communities around us,” she explains. “They were really grateful because of how hard it is to get healthy food donated because it’s so expensive.”

Alves made the decision to get involved with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization, after learning that more than 141,000 children in Orange County are at risk of hunger, and more than 13 million children in the U.S. don’t get enough to eat.

For every dollar donated, the Feeding America network of food banks provides 11 meals to people facing hunger.

“Think about it: one dollar is less than the coffee you would get at the coffee shop in the morning,” says Alves. “It doesn’t take much to be able to do that.”

Alves instills that same passion for giving back in her three kids, Levi, 8, Vida, 7, and Livingston, 4, with husband Matthew McConaughey, 47.

“We, as a family, are very involved in giving back on a daily basis,” the Brazil native says. “I was raised that way and I raised my kids that way.”

Alves also opened up about the home-cooked meals she makes for her family on a weekly basis and how she tries to “keep healthy most of the time.”

As for what she’s been cooking for her family recently, she says, “I’ve been baking a lot, I’ve been doing a lot of fish and chicken,” she says.

But one day a week, she allows her kids to indulge in order to find balance.

“Friday they get a treat, they get to watch a movie and eat pizza or whatever they want,” she says. “I’ve been doing a lot of popsicles utilizing fresh fruits and the Yummy Spoonfuls pouches.”