Cameron Diaz Makes 'a Different Choice'

The media’s preoccupation with whether or not she will someday welcome a child is something Cameron Diaz understands. “I think it’s normal for people to ask that,” the 36-year-old actress tells PARADE, “especially of someone my age, because it seems like the obvious thing: ‘Why haven’t you done it?'” And while the question does not leave her feeling bothered, at the same time, it has no easy answer. “It’s not the cross I bear,” Cameron says. “I’m not somebody who is going to declare either way if I’m absolutely going to or I’m absolutely not going to have children.”

“I have no idea. I’m still young. I have an unbelievable life. In some ways, I have the life that I have because I don’t have children.”

As an aunt four-times over and as someone who has attended three births, Cameron feels she has a well-informed view of motherhood. “I know what it’s like,” she says. “I totally get the whole picture.” While she likes what she sees, she remains very much on the fence about whether or not it is something she wants for herself. “I don’t think it’s a compromise to have children…I don’t think it’s a compromise not to,” she explains. “I think it’s just a different choice.”

“People might say, ‘That’s bull. She actually really wants to have a baby.’ My answer is: ‘No! Everything I’m bringing into my life right now isn’t geared toward that. It might be one day.'”

Cameron can next be seen in My Sister’s Keeper, opening June 26.

Source: PARADE

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