Becoming a parent "is not something to be entered into lightly," Southern Charm's Cameran Eubanks advises in a new segment for PEOPLE's Celeb Moms Get Real

Cameran Eubanks loves her daughter and wouldn’t take back becoming a parent for anything, but it doesn’t mean she has forgotten about the time before.

In an exclusive sit-down for PEOPLE’s Celeb Moms Get Real, the 34-year-old Southern Charm star outlines the differences she feels in her life since welcoming daughter Palmer Corrine, now 7 months.

“When you have a baby, people come up to you and it’s so annoying, they’re like, ‘Oh, I bet you don’t even remember your life before the baby,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, actually, I do remember my life and it was great,’ ” admits Eubanks, who shares her baby girl with husband Jason Wimberly.

“Which sounds so awful, but having a baby, it just changes everything and it is not something to be entered into lightly,” continues the Charleston, South Carolina-based star. “You need to be prepared and ready to have a baby because it rocks your world … in a good way, in a good way. I wouldn’t give her back.”

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Luckily for Eubanks, Palmer is pretty easygoing as far as babies go. She explains, “My daughter is honestly nothing like [me] … I prayed that my daughter was going to be more like my husband.”

Adds the mother of one, “She’s very chill, she’s relaxed, she’s a good baby … my mom said that I was a jerk of a baby so I’m really, really lucky so far with Palmer.”

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Eubanks — whose “greatest wish” for her daughter “is that she is just a good human being” — is dedicated to instilling solid values in her baby girl, even if those goals don’t 100 percent reflect what the star herself has practiced in the past.

“I want [Palmer] to stay off social media,” she reveals. “I don’t want her to be corrupted by this world that we live in today … that’s part of the reason I was so terrified of a child is I want her to be pure and good and wholesome and everything that I’m not.”

Eubanks admits “the most difficult part of pregnancy” was “not being in control of your body” and putting on weight she wasn’t used to seeing.

“I guess I could have been in more control of my body, but I just went buckwild. I ate whatever I wanted to,” she recalls. “I’ve always been a thin person and I’ve not put on weight, but when I was pregnant I gained almost 40 lbs.”

Of her condition hyperhidrosis, Eubanks explains, “What a lot of people don’t know is that it is an actual medical condition and it affects about 15 million people. When I was pregnant, it got much worse, especially in the summertime, in the heat of Charleston … it was horrible.”