Meet Lucy Marvel! Country Star Cam Opens Up About Motherhood After Welcoming a Daughter

The country singer and husband Adam Weaver welcomed their first child, daughter Lucy Marvel, in December

Cam has a new No. 1 fan!

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the country singer shares exclusive family portraits of her first child, daughter Lucy Marvel, ahead of the release of her new single “Till There’s Nothing Left.”

The "Diane" singer, 35, and husband Adam Weaver, 33, welcomed their first child on Dec. 19.

Little Lucy actually arrived early, when Cam — who was prepared for a natural birth — learned that her baby was breech at 39 weeks.

“I was going to go full-on natural. I had taken courses and done all of the exercises, and I was ready to go,” says the singer-songwriter, who instead underwent a cesarean section.

“Obviously there are so many moms who have so many uphill battles, and this was small potatoes in comparison to what a lot of moms and babies go through,” she adds.

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cam and family
Cam and daughter Lucy Marvel. Chelsea Kornse

Naturally, the recovery process was difficult.

“You get sliced open — it’s crazy, it’s major surgery. Then you’re stuck in bed, you can’t even lift up your baby, you can’t even get up to go to the bathroom without someone pushing you out of bed and then your hormones are going f—ing nuts,” Cam says. “Not to take away from the miracle, but those first two weeks are rough. And then of course your body heals itself. Super cool, super crazy.”

As for that adorable, unique name? ” ‘Lucy’ means light, which I thought was just so beautiful,” says Cam, who adds that “Marvel” is a family name: her middle name, which she shares with her maternal grandmother.

“Marvel was my mom’s mom. She was a massive personality — larger than life — and a big part of my upbringing,” she says. “She passed away in 2006 and it’s been such a hole missing her. It just felt so sweet and right because she is a Sagittarius, just like my grandma Marvel was. We had a couple other names, but when we saw her we were like, ‘This is a Lucy Marvel.’ ”

cam and family
Cam, husband Adam Weaver and daughter Lucy Marvel. Chelsea Kornse

Along the way, Cam had a strong support system.

“I had a great partner: My husband would get the baby up, change the diaper, hand her to me to breastfeed, take her back, shush her, and lay her, get her swaddled and get her back in bed,” Cam says of Weaver, whom she married in 2016. “It just made me love him so much more. This is my ride-or-die for sure, because we just got s— on together at 2 in the morning — a next level of love.”

Now the Grammy-nominated singer — who rose to fame with her acclaimed 2015 ballad "Burning House" off her debut LP Untamed — is getting back to work. The Bay Area-native will introduce her new single “Till There’s Nothing Left” on Thursday with performances on the Today show and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

And Cam says the love song’s timing is serendipitous. “It seems simple to say, ‘I’m going to love you and give everything of myself until there’s nothing left,’ ” she says. “But you learn just how much you can love someone, especially once you have a baby.”

cam and family
Cam, husband Adam Weaver and daughter Lucy Marvel. Chelsea Kornse

Indeed, expanding her family has changed the Nashville star’s perspective.

“I mean, I cry a lot more now,” Cam says with a laugh. “Brandi Carlile has a song called 'The Mother.' The first two weeks, I listened to that, and oh my God, I just bawled my eyes out, it’s so beautiful. And then you know that Camila Cabello performance at the Grammys with her dad? I can’t tell what it feels like to other people, but holy s—!

And Cam, who is preparing to release her anticipated second album, adds that becoming a mother has widened her perspective on life.

“It narrows the scope of things that you used to worry about; it kind of gets you focused more — like, ‘I don’t have the sleep to give that my energy,’ which is nice because you get a little bit more of a zero-f—s-to-give sense,” she says. “You want to leave this world better for your kid.”

For more on Cam and her new baby, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands everywhere, Friday.

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