By peoplestaff225
Updated March 26, 2007 08:00 AM

Timing is everything for Calista Flockhart. As Ally McBeal was ending, she adopted her son Liam, now 6, and became a full-time mom once the show was over. When Liam was getting ready to start kindergarten last year, Calista realized she’d have more time on her hands and signed onto her current drama Brothers & Sisters.

The actress is still easing back into work mode. She only works two or three days a week, as promised by the producers, but is always looking for more downtime with her son. Between a take last month, co-star Rob Lowe and an extra were tossing a football around and Calista unsuccessfully bribed the extra to aim the football at her head so she could go home.

While Calista says she has "great fun" at work, Liam will always remain her top priority, so much so that she gets "cranky" if she misses a bedtime tuck-in two nights in a row, according to B&S producer Ken Olin.