I adore dessert-scented bath and body products. Man oh man, I used toclean up at the semi-annual Bath & Body Works sales but over thepast few months, I’ve become more aware that what I put ON my body isas important as what I put in it. With that in mind, I’ve beguneliminating products that contain petroleum-based ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil.I’m kind of grossed out about the idea of rubbing hydrocarbons on mybody so I have been looking for more natural options. (For moreingredients you may want to avoid, visit the Cosmetics Database.)

After trying Cake Beauty‘sproducts in my shower this morning, I’ve realized thatBath & Body Works is the McDonald’s of body products and I’ve beenmissing out on better scented, better for you products for years! Theiringredient lists read less like chemical formulas than dessert recipes.Instead of mineral oil and petrolatum, their products’ key ingredientsinclude natural oils like avocado, almond and sweet almond, coconut,macadamia nut, jojoba, olive, grapeseed, sunflower, and butters likemango, cocoa, and shea.