Caboose: A great travel potty

I only recently ever saw someone use a travel potty and itwas actually kind of gross to watch: my friend’s daughter peed into a little bowlthat was wrapped in what looked like a grocery bag (and quite possibly couldhave been) and my friend then ran frantically looking for a toilet to spill itinto while I dressed her daughter and had anxiety over how I would deal withthis one day.

The Caboose travel potty arrived on my doorstepshortly thereafter and at just the right time. We have just recently startedpotty training my daughter, Catie, and she has days where she will not go on the pottyat all and others where she will remember to tell me that she has to use thepotty right in the middle of Target – talk about anxiety!

The Caboose travel potty is different than mosttravel potties because it uses a disposable diaper as a liner. You simply slip the diaper into the ridges andpull them up off the sides (check the Caboose site for visualinstructions – it’s much easier than I’m making it sound). Then your kid does his or her business in itand cleanup is as easy as cleaning any messy diaper.

When we first tried using it Catie kept telling me that ithurt her butt but we quickly discovered she was sitting on it incorrectly(seriously, I recommend you look at the instructions first, lol). Afterwards,potty time became fun because rather than using it on the road she decided thatshe loved going potty on her Caboose since it was parked right in frontof the TV.

As I said, cleanup was a cinch. Furthermore, to top of the Caboosefits right in the base so it’s very compact (it comes with a carry case). Best of all, however, it has helped curb myanxiety when we’re out shopping because I can just take her into the bathroomand don’t have to worry about her falling in or even touching anything inthere.

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