By peoplestaff225
Updated October 31, 2007 12:00 PM

Update: The winners are: Jenn C., Shanesgirl, Naomi, Andrea, Niki, Rebecca Mc, Jenni, Stacey, Amy Jo, and Tara Z.

Attention Cabbage Patch Kids fans of all ages! Enter for a chance to win one of the new Cabbage Patch Kids® Lil’ Sprouts, small doll versions of the classic Cabbage Patch Kids! The new Cabbage Patch Kids® Lil’ Sprouts bring the adorable uniqueness of Cabbage Patch Kids to a new small doll size!

Standing proudly at almost 5” tall, each CPK Lil’ Sprout comes with long lustrous hair, adorable fashions, fun matching accessories, a cool chair and a special butterfly tag with inspirational messages. Lil’ Sprouts each have their very own name and birthdate, making them one of a kind – just like the big ‘Kids! These dolls are targeted for kids 3 and up. Fans of new CPK Lil’ Sprouts should also check out the highly-detailed CPK Lil’ Sprouts play sets available with lots of fun accessories for little girls to love!

Ten lucky CBB winners will each receive a one of a kind CPK Lil’ Sprout doll!To enter to win, post a comment telling us about your childhoodmemories of Cabbage Patch Kids. (Giveaway closes 10/18/07 at 10 amEST.) Please note: we are unable to specify skintone or hair color soplease only enter if you’re willing to receive any of the dolls.