BYOG: Deliver that baby in real style

Most of us want to dress nice on special days. We shop obsessively for wedding dresses, birthday party outfits and even clothes to travel in. So when you think about it, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to shop for clothes to give birth in? Few days in your life are more meaningful — Or more photographed!

I’m in the homestretch now and really starting to think about delivering my baby. I’ve had my hospital bag packed for a while now but the one thing that was missing, was a cute hospital gown. Not anymore! I’ve discovered B.Y.O.G.! "Cute hospital gown" was once an oxymoron, but no longer. There are a few companies out there now that have stepped up to the challenge of making your baby’s premiere appearance into more of a fashion "do". B.Y.O.G. ("Bring Your Own Gown") is by far my favorite choice.

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B.Y.O.G.’s hospital gowns ($95) are so attractive and fun, that I willhappily wear mine at home, after I deliver. I had a hard time choosingwhich gowns I liked best. I went with two for my own delivery – "PinkLady" and "Appletini".

What I love most about the B.Y.O.G. gowns, aside from thelovely fabric selections and great customer service, is their uniquecut. Never before have I seen a hospital gown styled with a slightlyscooped and gathered peasant neckline, gently gathered sleeves andflattering (optional) sash that creates a slimming empire waistline.

Their slightly retro chic feeling reminds me a little of thefabulous bedjackets and house frocks my grandma and great aunts wouldhave worn. These inspirational ladies were far too chic to ever bephotographed in their old PJs or worse — a public issue gown. Still,as fashionable as these gowns are, hospital functionality is notsacrificed. A line of snaps goes all the way up the back of this gown,allowing for easy opening without risking rear end exposure. Hidden inthe gently gathered sleeves are a line of clever snaps that allow youto discreetly open the entire sleeve and drop it down to breastfeed.You’re going to take a million pictures when you have your baby, andyou are going to want to be comfortable. I can’t think of a better wayto do that than with a gown from B.Y.O.G. and I just cannot wait towear mine!

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