Busy Philipps and Child Birdie Channel Priscilla Presley as They Test New Hair and Makeup Looks

Busy Philipps shared the product of "two hours with your teen doing makeup and hair inspired by Priscilla Presley" with her Instagram followers

Busy Philipps Shares Sweet Selfies After Experimenting with Makeup with Daughter Birdie
Photo: Busy Philipps Instagram

Busy Philipps is having a blast spending quality time with her teen.

On Sunday, the Girls5eva actress, 43, shared a series of selfies on Instagram with her older child Birdie, 14, as the pair spent "two hours" experimenting with different hair and makeup looks.

"If you're not spending two hours with your teen doing makeup and hair inspired by Priscilla Presley then *what* are you doing exactly?" she joked in the caption.

Later Philipps added, "Also, I feel like we look like we could be the mean mom and daughter in Hairspray?"

The two posed together with dramatic eyeliner and nude lips with slightly teased up-dos in the sweet shots.

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Last month, Philipps shared a post marking Birdie's 14th birthday. Alongside a photo of Birdie lying on the couch with the family dog, she wrote, "Days go slow but the years go so fast."

In a photo shared earlier this week before Birdie and Cricket Pearl, 9, headed back to school, Phillips reflected on how she misses her kids being younger.

"I found old pictures that had been trapped on a card... I wonder if people who have lots of kids keep having them because they can't remember the baby stuff and they want to go back and do it again so they can try to hold on to it better, only that doesn't work because every baby is different so it's always gonna be new and really what you probably ACTUALLY want is to go back and have another chance to baby the babies you already had one more time, just so that maybe you could remember a little bit more…" the mom of two shared in the caption.

"I don't miss having BABIES. But I do miss my own older kids AS babies because I feel like I missed so much of it when they were. 👶😭👶"

Busy Philipps Instagram
Busy Philipps Instagram

Last year, Philipps thought back on working while pregnant ahead of Birdie's 13th birthday. Philipps previously posted a throwback photo of her 2008 guest role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, during which she was pregnant with Birdie.

"13 years ago, my friend Josh was like, 'want to be on a few episodes of my tv show pregnant?'" she recalled. "And I was like, 'how pregnant never mind I'm broke yes thank you so much except I'm due in August so it'll be before then?' And he was like, 'yes!'"

"And then, in August, the week before I gave birth to my first kid- there I was, on the set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for Fox," she continued. "Am I the MOST pregnant person to ever be on a tv show in a guest starring role? I literally have no idea. But you can look at this picture and decide for yourself. OH. Also, there was a guy who worked as an AD trainee on that show and when Birdie got the job on With Love, he was there as the 2nd AD!! What are the chances?! Also. Birdie was almost 10 pounds but yes, I gained many more than that."

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