June 12, 2011 08:00 PM

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It is strictly time spent with the stars — and their kids! — for daughter Birdie Leigh, Busy Philipps jokes.

“Well, you know, celebrities exclusively play with each other. And their children,” the actress playfully told reporters Sunday at the 5th annual Kidstock Music and Arts Festival. “So all of my play dates are celebrity play dates.”

All kidding aside, however, the Cougar Town star is aware of the perks of her career — including being able to bring the 2½-year-old to work on set.

“I have my own dressing room so I have it set up like a playroom in there for her,” she says. “She has special toys there that she doesn’t have at home so she looks forward to coming and playing.”

But in addition to keeping Birdie busy away from the cameras, Philipps, 31, is hoping to also introduce her daughter to life on set as well.

“I hope this is the first year that she’ll actually be able to sit on set and watch me,” she reveals, adding that she has never tried to “hide” anything from her little girl.

“I think that’s really strange, frankly, when parents do that. It’s like why would you want your kid to not know you’re living your dream and you’re doing something that you’ve wanted to do your whole life?”

While Birdie “knows I’m an actress and that I’m on TV,” Philipps allows her daughter to control her own time in the spotlight. “I always give her the choice, ‘Do you want to take pictures or not?'” Philipps explains. “It’s a lot of negotiation.”

That said, although Philipps tries her best to balance all her demanding roles, achieving perfection is a constant struggle.

“There are days where you just feel like you failed as a mom. Even though I have one of the greatest jobs in the world … there’s so much flexibility and she’s able to come with me, but I still struggle with mommy guilt,” she admits.

“And there are days when I feel like I’ve failed as an actress. And days I feel like I’ve failed as a mom and occasionally I have days where I’m like, ‘Alright, I did it.'”

— Anya Leon

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