"We go to Target, we go to Gap Kids, they wear sneakers," she told reporters of her daughters' style

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Updated December 03, 2020 03:09 AM
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You’ll never catch Busy Philipps on the hunt for the coolest — and most expensive! — kiddie clothing.

The former Cougar Town actress admits when it comes to dressing daughters Cricket Pearl, 2, and Birdie Leigh, 7, she prefers to let her children take the lead on all fronts.

“We go to Target, we go to Gap Kids, they wear sneakers. I don’t subscribe to that belief at all,” she told reporters Tuesday at the A-List 15th Anniversary in Beverly Hills.

“I let [Birdie] dress herself. She should be making her own choices. She should get up in the morning and get herself dressed. Sorry, not sorry.”

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And there’s plenty of perks to letting Birdie and Cricket pick out their outfits for school — especially during the younger years. “The time for magical dressing is when I think they’re in preschool, like 4 or 5 years old … they get really specific ideas,” she says.

“[Cricket] is obsessed with these Native shoes. They’re the ones that are rubbery — she has them in red with blue soles. She calls them her ‘red shoes’ and she will not wear any other pair of shoes. She’s like, ‘Mama, I want my red shoes.’ ”

But Philipps, 36, who will next appear on HBO’s Vice Principals, still lets her daughters have plenty of time playing dress up and slipping into their mama’s shoes. The pasttime even has Birdie believing someone wrote a book about her adventures.

“Both my girls love putting on my high heels and walking around. It’s really cute,” she shares.

“There’s an amazing children’s book called Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes. My Birdie thought that it was actually written about her!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Christina Dugan