Busy Philipps' Daughter Birdie Decides to Dress Up as Her Mom for Halloween - and the Result Is Hilarious

On Friday, Busy Philipps shared an adorable photo of who her 9-year-old daughter Birdie decided to be for Halloween: her mom

Photo: Busy Philipps/Instagram

Like mother, like daughter!

On Friday, Busy Philipps shared an adorable photo of the person her 9-year-old daughter Birdie decided to be for Halloween this year: her mom.

“I am dead,” the Freaks and Geeks actress wrote alongside a picture of her daughter wearing a whimsical boho dress, her mom’s red dangly earrings, reflective sunglasses and carrying two accessories her mother often has with her at all times: her chill pill iPhone case and a cup of iced coffee.

“And how funny is Birdie’s costume,” Philipps, 38, said on her Instagram Story, adding that her daughter asked Philipps to come to her school to “bring her a giant Starbucks like I always have.”

“You guys, I just looked at Birdie’s Halloween photo that I posted — I’m gonna start to cry — it’s so sweet,” the actress continued. “I know she’s making fun of me. I mean, she’s just being silly, she’s not making fun of me — she’s kind of making fun of me — [but] she’s just her own person and I really respect that.”

“Also, Birdie was questioning whether she should just get a store bought costume because a girl at school was like, ‘You’re gonna be your mom? That’s so weird,’ and Birdie was feeling insecure about it, but then yesterday she was just like, ‘No, I wanna do it. That’s what I wanna be,’ ” she continued.

“That’s what I feel like I was growing up. We had our little group of creative weirdo friends, but the other kids kind of were like, ‘What? I don’t get it,’ ” she added.

Later Philipps shared a photo of herself in a twinning costume to what Birdie was wearing. “Going to meet Birdie at her Halloween carnival in the same outfit,” she wrote over the pic.

Busy PhilippsCredit: Busy Philipps/Instagram
Busy Philipps/Instagram

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Earlier in October, the Cougar Town alum and mother of two admitted she experiences her fair share of tears when it comes to her daughters: Cricket Pearl, 4, and Birdie Leigh, 9.

“My children make me cry on a daily basis about everything,” Philipps said with a laugh in an interview for PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real. “Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of sadness — all the tears, all the time.”

“Sometimes I’ll cry because they’re so cute or they’re being so sweet, and then Birdie will be like [rolls eyes], ‘Mom … don’t cry ’cause we’re cute,’ ” adds the star. “She is so over it. She’ll be like, ‘Why are you crying? So weird.’ “

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