I’ve never been a huge burp cloth fan. They look grubby or fall off and seem more trouble than they’re worth. And, I feel so gross after being spat-up on, I end up just changing my shirt anyway. That said, I realize the burp cloth is a necessary evil in public, and finally I’ve found one that’s both stylish and effective.

Beautifully crafted with subtle stitching or trim around the edge, and made of possibly the softest material I’ve ever felt (really, I’m thinking of sewing a few together to make a sweater), Burp Armor is easily the best quality cloth out there. The dad-designed organic cotton product stays in place thanks to a corduroy backing, and covers the entire shoulder, along with enough length in the front and back to stop even the most projectile spit-up (gross!) from ruining your clothes. With Burp Armor on your side, you’ll feel like a modern-day Sir Lancelot. Or his very smart, hip mom, anyway.

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