Burke-Charvet family is "hanging in there"


Actress, model, and TV host Brooke Burke, 36, welcomed her fourth child, son Shaya, on the morning of Wednesday, March 5th. Already mom to daughters Neriah, 8, Sierra Sky, 6, and Heaven Rain, 15 months next week, Brooke blogs about getting her 4-week-old son acclimated to the family, Rain's adjustment, and a relaxing hike that helps her clear her mind and de-stress.

Shaya is mostly eating and sleeping these days; I had forgotten how uneventful the beginning really is.  Rain was going through a tough time, adjusting to a new baby that is taking mommy’'s time.  She is getting better now, finally kissing him and innocently trying to shove his bottle in his mouth.  She is fussier than ever, but I am trying to love her struggles away. 

Neriah and Sierra are two years apart and that was much easier than the 14 months that separate Rain and Shaya.  We are all hanging in there. I sometimes cannot believe the sight of my family of SIX!

Click below for Brooke's description of her and David's daily activity with the youngest kids.

I started walking this week. We have an amazing 4-mile hike through themountains in our neighborhood. David and I decided to do it together three times a week. We put Rain and Shaya in our double stroller and together wework out for 1-½ hours. Much of the walk is uphill, which is so tough,pushing the kids. David does that part.

Once we head up the steepesthill, we can see an amazing view of Malibu'’s coastline. On a clear day,I can see across the ocean from Santa Monica, all the way to CatalinaIsland. It is such a peaceful, calming and inspiring walk.

We both aretotally sleep deprived, but the fresh air, challenge, and theaccomplishment is so helpful to us. I know, as a mother that time forus is the first thing to go. I am making myself do this walk even onharder days because I am committed to not losing myself completely onthis journey.

In that hour, I do a lot of thinking, I take my deepestbreaths of the day, and I try to appreciate all the things in my life,both good and bad. We usually walk in silence, which I really enjoy.

When I reach the top of the mountain each time, I feel a sense ofaccomplishment for myself, besides the million other things I do in aday for everyone else. I think that exercise is a great stressreliever, even in your most fatigued state of mind. I will begin doingPilates again as soon as my doctor permits, but for now a simple walk isso great!

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