Dana and Arkell Graves welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday after years of trying to have children

By Char Adams
Updated October 21, 2015 04:45 PM
Credit: Courtesy Arkell & Dana's Baby Bun/Facebook

The mother from a viral pregnancy video that got more than 10 million views is in critical condition after giving birth to her son 16 weeks premature.

Dana and Arkell Graves captured the hearts of millions with an emotional pregnancy video earlier this month following four miscarriages and a stillbirth.

The couple revealed on social media that Dana gave birth to baby Kaleb Arkell Grave on Tuesday and that Dana was in critical condition at the hospital.

“Today, our baby will have to be delivered, at 24 weeks and one day. As Dana is in critical care, her body has endured all it can take,” the family wrote in a Facebook post.

Kaleb Arkell Graves was born 16 weeks early and the family asked for prayers following the delivery, according to the Facebook post. The condition of the infant is unclear.

The couple made headlines earlier this month when they posted the video of the moment Arkell learned he would be a father online.

“Have your tissues ready!” Dana captioned the heartwarming video. “After 4 miscarriages and one stillborn birth, we had given up on the idea of having babies of our on, especially at our age But God!”

In the video, Dana has her husband check on what’s cooking in the oven. Arkell apparently sees buns in the oven and realizes his wife was pregnant.

After repeatedly asking “you’re pregnant?” Arkell lifts up his shirt and weeps.

Dana told WTVR that after several failed attempts to have children, she and her husband decided to give up on their dream of being parents.

“It just didn’t work out, so we kind of gave up,” she told the station.

Some time passed and Dana went to a doctor when she was trying to lose weight and learned that she was five months pregnant.

She told WTVR that she and Arkell hadn’t planned the pregnancy, so she began thinking of a special way to break the news.

She put buns and a sonogram photo in the oven and surprised her husband in the sweet video.

The video has amassed nearly 10 million views.