BumpyName Orbit Labels by Inchbug

Every toddler in our apartment building owns the same bunch of the Playtex Insulator Sport straw cups. When we have play dates or lunch dates, it gets confusing to remember who has which cup that day (even if the colors are different, the kids aren’t going to remember). During one such playdate, my son walked over and grabbed his friend’s cup and took a sip! Luckily, I just was able to give his little friend a clean cup of my son’s (at least it wasn’t cold/flu season yet). I quickly took some blue painter’s tape and a permanent marker to denote my son’s cup, but after I removed it hours later, it took off most of the design!! Not a good solution.

A better way to solve the problem is to use BumpyName Orbit Labels by Inchbug. The company was kind enough to send me a package personalized with 4 rubber labels with my son’s first and last name.

Now, all I have to do is make sure a label is on his cup whenever we leave our apartment. They fit on every kind of cup we own- how awesome is that? No, the toddlers can’t figure out what the labels say, but the parents and I can. It came in handy two weeks ago at birthday party at the apartment downstairs. We had all brought the same orange straw cup that day. I was able to keep an eye on Ben’s cup (and I had to stop a few toddlers from it).

We were at another party last weekend. I had set Ben’s cup down on the carpet when I took him to change his diaper. The child’s father picked up the cup and immediately knew it was ours and made sure we didn’t forget it.

I love this product. Besides working well, it is reusable, non-adhesive, as well as microwavable and dishwasher safe. You can use it to label baby bottles, all sorts of sizes and types of sippy cups and toiletries (this would work well for shampoo and conditioner bottles when your child is at sleep-away camp on a trip). I may try to see if it fits on my Snack Trap – because we don’t leave home without one. You can choose from a 3-pack pre-printed labels for $7.95 (many popular first names to choose from). You can get a custom 4-pack for $11.95 – with one line for a name or $12.95 – with 2 lines (perfect for children with allergies or medical conditions).

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