By peoplestaff225
Updated October 31, 2008 06:00 PM

If you’re a cloth diaperer, chances are good that you’ve tried a product by Bummis (pronounced bum-ease) at some point in your diapering career. And if you haven’t… well, you’re really missing out.

Bummis has a vast collection of diaper covers and I recently tested a couple of their most popular lines: the Super Whisper Wrap ($11 for white or $12.25 for prints) and the newer Super Brite ($12.25).

Both covers come in a variety of adorable prints and in sizes suitable for newborns through toddlers. The Super Whisper Wrap is a little bit thicker and stiffer than the Super Brite (as a result of more layers so that no laminate touches baby’s skin), but both are phenomenal at preventing leaks and blowouts.

The Super Brite has leg gussets that are soft and gentle on a baby’s skin, but great at containing messes. It’s a perfect cover for tougher-to-fit skinny (or young) babies who need something that will close up any potential gaps. I loved it when my daughter was a newborn.

And if you’re taking swimming lessons this winter or planning a tropical vacation, Bummis also makes an incredible — and funky! — swim diaper, the Swimmi ($12.75) which will pay for itself in a few uses when you don’t have to continue to buy those (rather useless, in my humble opinion) disposable swim diapers.

Bummis is also a North American distributor of Bamboozle fitted diapers ($20), which are made from four very thirsty layers of bamboo and feature a sewn-in adjustable doubler. I love putting them on my daughter because they’re so very soft and easy to use. I just snap them on, cover with a Super Brite and she’s good to go. Or, if we’re at home, I like to leave the cover off and just let her crawl around in the Bamboozle mostly because it’s just so cute.

Easy to put on with Aplix hook-and-loop tabs and incredibly easy toclean, every cloth diapering family should have a stash of Bummiscovers in their arsenal.


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