Here are a few of my favorite (baby) things: Bumbo Seat: Wonder Seat of the 21st Century

In the past year, the Bumbo Seat has become a hot commodity! They’vebeen known to sell out at most mass retailers and can earn a prettypenny on eBay. The supply has gotten better as the demand evened out,and I was able to get my hands on one when my daughter was a couple months old.

Theseat is made from a low-density foam material with a deep middlethat the child sinks into and the back wall helps support them in asitting position. I couldn’t believe how grown up the my peanut looked inhers. It is easy to take with you and can be used on flat, hard surfaces that aren’t raised off the floor. Best of all, it’s super-easy to clean, just wipe it down!

Theymake a great on-the-go highchair, just pop it in place and feed. Theynow have trays for toys and feeding, so the seat is more versatile thenever. I can’t even stress how amazing this seat is and what a truehelper it is. The bad news is your child will outgrow it prettyfast. Once they start arching their backs or become mobile this seatwill lose it’s luster and join the pile of retired things! All in all,for the price you really can’t beat it. If you’re smart you’ll get itbefore your child turns 5 months and get some REAL use out of it! You can start using this seat whenever your child has good head controland seems to enjoy sitting upright. They’ll enjoy the view.

As withMOST baby products, NEVER leave your child unattended in it. The company just placed a recall on their seats, due to babies fallingout of them when they were placed on raised surfaces. I stand by myreview of this seat, but only when it’s used properly!

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