We reviewed the Bumbleride Flyer ($360) in the vita color scheme, a great-looking hot pink.

At first I was reluctant to push my 1-year-old son Egan around in a pink stroller, but once I got the hang of the Flyer I was sold. I really like this stroller and if people think he’s a girl, so be it!

The Flyer is a full-featured stroller with a reversible handle. Just push two latches and it flips right over so you can look at the baby. Then you just lock the back wheels and unlock the front wheels so they swivel instead. This is important because we tried pushing it with all four wheels swiveling.

The effect really resembles a dog on roller skates — pink roller skates.

Assembly and Fold
The Flyer came together in about ten minutes and folds quite easily. Push two latches on the sides of the seat and the frame drops down and latches snugly in place. The handle is adjustable and would accommodate really tall or petite parents comfortably. It does stand when folded, a feature I like to have. The stroller weighs 19 pounds and will hold up to a 45-pound child.

The seat is wide and has an adjustable 5-point safety harness. The buckles are easy to work but seem a little fragile, though we had no problems with them. The print on the gray lining is subtle and chic and the fabric can be easily removed for cleaning. The recline goes fully flat and fully vertical, with three set positions in between. It’s easy to adjust the recline with one hand. We like that toddlers can sit upright and see the world.

Eight rubbery wheels with suspension make for a nice, smooth ride. I did experience some give in the handle that made it feel a bit less stable when I rocked it back to go over a curb, but it didn’t seem to be a danger. The roomy seat is well padded and Egan rode comfortably for several hours.

Sun Coverage
The sun shade on the Flyer is big enough to make me happy, though I did pinch my son’s fingers in it once. I just have to ensure that they’re out of the way when I move it around. There’s a large, plastic viewing window and a weather-resistant panel that covers the baby’s head when the stroller is reclined. With the weather shield unzipped, you can pull the sun shade even farther forward.

The Flyer comes with a rain cover and we used it with ease. There’s even a little hatch where you can reach in to feed the baby snacks and tussle his hair. The poor kid looked like the boy in the bubble, but he was warm and dry on a freezing day!

The basket underneath is large and easy to reach and the frame really doesn’t get in the way. I felt that the diaper bag was secure there. There is no storage on the handle but there is a small, zippered pocket in the sun shade for cash or keys. An included cup holder snaps to the side of the stroller. When you’re pushing it so the baby faces out, the sun shade keeps it out of the baby’s reach, but when Baby is facing you, it might be reachable. It’s a good idea to stick to cold liquids in those anyway. I’m always glad to have a cup holder included. It also has a toddler bar that Egan likes to pull up on. The baby has no place for snacks or a sippy cup unless you buy the matching snack pack for $40.

The Verdict
The Bumbleride Flyer is up there with my favorite strollers I’ve reviewed. It’s roomy but not bulky and it comes with a cup holder and rain cover for under $400. It’s nice to have the reversible handle, too.

Pros: Reversible handle; tough, good-looking fabric and easy fold and unfold. Comes with a cup holder, bumper bar and rain cover.

Cons: The sun shade can pinch fingers and the buckles seem a bit fragile.