By peoplestaff225
Updated October 15, 2007 04:22 AM

Where my family lives we have brutal Winters but we arealways out and about (no going place to place in a car for us) so the BuggyBlanket from Brooks Pond is always the essential accessory for us. I load an already bundled-up Catie in herstroller and then tuck her into her Buggy Blanket which is lined in Thinsulateto keep her nice and warm (even on really windy days).

For the 2007 Winter season, Brooks Pond has improvedtheir already awesome Buggy Blanket, by contouring the seat portion to providea snugger fit on strollers, including the Phil and Ted, BOB and Mountain Buggylines. (The Buggy Blanket is the onlybunting available that accommodates the stroller harness of the BOB stroller).

Features I love: the Buggy Blanket is machine washable;during the warmer months I disattach the top part and use the bottom layer as astroller liner; the newer version has a new zipper on the bottom that gives youthe option of either closing it completely (so that it looks like a strollerboot) or keeping it open (if you have a kid like mine who likes to kick a lotand hates having her feet enclosed).

A great feature of the new and improved Perennial BuggyBlanket is that, in addition to the Thinsulate layer, there is also a layer ofinsulation that fits insider the blanket like a duvet that you can thenremove. This way you can still use theBuggy Blanket on crisp-but-not-cold days.

My favorite (but not-so-necessary) part of the new BuggyBlanket is that it is offered in really awesome color combos. We, naturally, chose the pink and green.

Though I haven’t tested it myself, it’s worth noting thatBrooks Pond also redesigned their popular Carrier Cover so that it will fitErgo and Mei Tai carriers.

For more information, including a list of retailers, checkout the Brooks Pond website.