Buckley Boo: Cuddly Developmental Fun!

When I first saw the BuckleyBoo line of developmental toys, I knew Anya would be obsessed. She enjoys playing with her Dressy Bessy doll but some of the dressing elements are still too challenging (what 3-year-old can tie laces?). BuckleyBoo is a cuddly pastel stuffed animal with buckles, which she loves.

BuckleyBoo was created by child psychologist Dr. Jane Ross, PsyD as a multi-stage learning toy. According to the company, the multi-stage approach (stage 1: matching, stage 2: buckling, stage 3: unbuckling) promotes valuable skills such as problem-solving, small motor, and visual scanning, all of which are crucial aspects of early childhood development. In addition, multiple stage learning instills the valuable sense of accomplishment that is central to the development of self esteem.

Don’t worry that Buckley will teach your child to unbuckle their carseat, stroller or highchair. The buckles included are not the same kind on baby gear (for example, carseat buckles require two hands and advanced dexterity to open – sometimes I struggle with it!). Kids are able to buckle around 15-18 months but won’t have the ability to unbuckle until they are 3. I can testify to that personally because until recently, I had to keep unbuckling the buckles for Anya so she could keep buckling them! Even children who aren’t at the buckling stage will enjoy Buckley though because they have a soft velour-like exterior and they have a gentle jingle when they move.

The Large Buckley ($30) is a full 18” and the regular size ($20) is 12″. Whether your child is a fan of cats, dogs, bunnies, bears, monkeys or giraffes, there’s something for them plus BuckleyBuddies 12″ Minis, a BuckleyMobile and crib toys for the littlest ones.

— Danielle

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