By peoplestaff225
Updated July 10, 2007 10:26 AM

Bubble & SqueakDiaper Bags & Changing Kits are going to make you feel glamorous, while toting your babe. Owner/Designer Wendy Ruffner wanted to feel beautiful after the birth of her first child, and the only things that made her feel good was shoes and handbags. But since she had her own babe to tote, she wanted a stylish diaper bag. Not finding what she wanted, she created her own!

I tested out Bubble & Squeak’s Large Diaper Bag ($45), which is actually a large trifold diapering kit. There are lots of pockets with a large changing mat in the center. You can carry it as a clutch, place it in your stroller basket or even put it in a larger diaper bag. Tied closed with a ribbon, the presentation is beautiful. Though I loved the fact that it was also functional. Choose from blue vintage poppy or pink vintage poppy. Both are gorgeous (the pictures do NOT do it justice). Owner Wendy, who was so thoughtful, packed the diaper bag for me as if I was a new mom (with a change of clothes, blanket, burp cloth, diapers and wipes). There was still so much room to put essentials for baby. The fold was compact and the changing pad was large enough for my 19 month old son to be changed comfortably.

When you are using the kit, I would place heavier items on the left side, because if you use a restaurant or store changing table, the changing kit’s right side pockets may have to be placed against the wall or folded under. Made of a coated cotton microfiber, its also easy to clean with an antibacterial cloth or wipe. The only change I would have liked would be a velcro or zipper closure (let’s face it, sometimes with a squirmy baby, you aren’t going to have time to tie the ribbon – though it was such a cute touch).

Bubble & Squeak also has a Small Diaper Bag ($40) -a changing kit that smaller than the large kit, with 2 pockets for the bare essentials, a Petite Diaper Bag ($48) – a 5 pocketed bag that will open flat (changing kit is included, but not attached) and the Baby Bag -a large tote that you can put any of their changing kits in.

Where did the name Bubble & Squeak come from? Wendy is Swedish, and her mother married an Irishman. Besides the Swedish Meatballs that were eaten, so was Bubble & Squeak. According to Wikipedia, its dish made with the shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The chief ingredients are potato and cabbage, but can have carrots, peas and brussel sprouts, and other vegetables can be added. Wendy decided to use that name for her company- tying together the memory of the lovely Sunday meal and because of her baby’s bubbles and squeaks!

To buy one of Bubble & Squeak’s products, shop online at bubbleandsqueak.comor click here. I’m a big fan, and I am sure you will be too!!