Brynn Bannister's Introduction to Baseball Less Than Ideal

Kansas City Royals pitcher Brian Bannister‘s life may be baseball but his 4 ½-month-old daughter Brynn‘s introduction to the sport has been less than ideal! During spring training, Brynn was sitting on her mom Megan‘s lap behind home plate when San Diego Padres Emil Brown‘s bat headed into the stands. Everyone screamed and little Brynn had the exact same reaction.

“She freaked out. She heard everybody around her scream, and she started screaming. She was behind the net, so the bat’s not going to hit her. Everybody around her calmed down, but she didn’t.”

Brian, 28, is loving his life as a dad and admits that since welcoming Brynn, his outlook on life and baseball has changed. After a difficult pregnancy and season where Megan “was constantly on my mind,” things are now different and “it’s so great. I go home at night, and Brynn doesn’t care if I win or lose. She just wants to play.”

Source: USA Today

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