Brooklyn Decker Recalls 'Clotting Like Crazy' After Giving Birth: It Was 'Really Shocking'

Brooklyn Decker hopes to destigmatize the conversation around birth experiences and women's bodies as part of Bodily's awareness campaign

Brooklyn Decker is opening up about her postpartum experience.

The Just Go With It star, 34, has teamed up with Bodily, a resource for women's bodies and maternal health, on its #MyBodyMyNormal awareness campaign which aims to normalize common bodily experiences in postpartum, breastfeeding and pregnancy loss, according to a press release.

In an exclusive video shared with PEOPLE, Decker speaks candidly about her own perspective and personal postpartum experience, which included "clotting like crazy."

"You don't actually talk about stitches and bleeding and blistering and the pain of breastfeeding and the pain of vaginal recovery," the activist says. "I was clotting like crazy … The nurse said to me, 'As long as they're not bigger than a golf ball, you're fine.' And they came close, but they never got bigger than a golf ball."

"But her letting me know that little piece of information was so helpful because when I went home I could monitor that experience," Decker adds. "But the amount of blood after was really shocking, and for some reason, we shy away from the difficult conversations around pregnancy, pregnancy loss, childbirth, recovery, all of it."

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Decker, who shares son Hank, 6, and daughter Stevie, 3, with husband Andy Roddick, concludes the video: "If more of us talked about it, I think we'd realize the experience is so shared and what we were going through is normal and you'll be okay."

According to the release, Bodily's campaign, which launches alongside the start of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, supports the mission of the company: "to bring awareness, resources and research-backed content and products to stigmatized and underserved categories of women's health."

In addition to the campaign, Bodily is also introducing new pregnancy loss resources including two pregnancy loss support boxes, which are described as "all-in-one kits to support recovery."

The Care for Miscarriage Box and Care for Stillbirth Box are both available now on the Bodily website.

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