Brooklyn Decker on Her Postpartum Recovery: Blood Clots, Adult Diapers, Bleeding Nipples and More

Brooklyn Decker gets candid about her postpartum recovery on PEOPLE's podcast episode of Me Becoming Mom

Brooklyn Decker is getting real about postpartum recovery.

In this week's episode of PEOPLE's podcast Me Becoming Mom, the 34-year-old opens up about her "painful" experience with postpartum recovery.

Decker, who is mom to son Hank, 6, and daughter Stevie, 4, with husband Andy Roddick, tells host Zoë Ruderman, Head of Digital at PEOPLE, about having blood clots and bleeding nipples among other things during her recovery period.

"The clots started to come. And my mom, being a nurse, but not labor and delivery, was like, 'This is in any other circumstance not normal,' " recalls Decker. "I'm seeing them in the toilet, I'm seeing them in the diaper mesh short pad ice pack situation that's all layered under them. The nurse came in and saw them and she goes, 'These are totally normal. If they get bigger than a golf ball, call me.' "

Decker, who has teamed up with Bodily, a resource for all things women's bodies and maternal health, goes on to detail her "painful" experience with breastfeeding.

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"I remember when Hank was feeding once, and this was in the first week of being home with him, he pulled off my breast, and it was after a feeding, and he had blood dripping down his lip. I burst into tears because I'm like, 'What have I done? What did I do to him? He's gonna get sick,' " she tells Ruderman.

"So I called his pediatrician and she's like, 'Honey, that's totally normal, that's totally fine. Your body's learning how to do this,' " she recalls. "But again it's one of those things wherein the moment, it is so painful you're crying through it. And your baby comes off and there's blood on their face because you're bleeding onto them. And you think you're causing all this harm and it's a totally normal experience."

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