"I was super excited because it was him who messed up," Brooklyn Decker jokes of Andy Roddick accidentally letting a curse word slip in front of their son

By Raha Lewis
May 31, 2017 01:25 PM
Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty

Brooklyn Decker and her retired tennis-player husband Andy Roddick have tried their hardest to watch their language around their 20-month-old son Hank, but one slip and it was over.

“I have a potty mouth,” the Grace and Frankie star, 30, told PEOPLE at an L.A. screening of Band Aid in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

“So my husband was like, ‘Listen, he is picking things up, he’s a parrot. We should probably stop,’ ” she adds. “Then my husband actually dropped his phone and said, ‘Oh s—,’ and then Hank repeated it. He said, ‘Oh s—!’ ”

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As difficult as it was, the couple acted as though they didn’t hear it. “We just ignored it,” Decker says. ” ‘Cause if you laugh, they will say it again. And you can’t say ‘no,’ because that’s interesting to them.”

The model and mom of one says that she was relieved it wasn’t her error that led to Hank’s verbal fiasco. “I was super excited because it was him who messed up and not me,” Decker jokes of Roddick, 34. “I didn’t actually slip. It was him. So it felt really good.”

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It’s not just with language that the couple are trying to instill certain values in their child. The film Band Aid was shot with a famously all-female crew, and equality is something the couple is hoping to teach their son by example.

“I don’t know that you can deliberately do anything,” says Decker. “You just have to live it and breathe it, and your kids will learn from that. That’s what my mom did. She was a total badass, and I feel like that’s how you learn as a kid.”

Adds the actress, “I think the intentional lessons that parents try to teach are never really taught, and you just follow based on their actions.”

The couple don’t take themselves too seriously, though. When asked what the secret to a successful marriage is, Decker admits she has no idea. “I am still figuring it out,” she says. “If anyone has more experience and has been married longer, I will take their advice. We’re a walking experiment.”