March 13, 2016 04:45 PM

New mom Brooklyn Decker got a night off on Thursday when she stepped out on the red carpet at the Austin Film Society’s Texas Film Awards while dad Andy Roddick stayed home to watch the couple’s 5-month old-son, Hank.

The model-turned-actress confided to PEOPLE that even though Roddick is a very good caregiver, she was still feeling anxious.

“I left the house 20 minutes ago and I was like ‘Send me a picture, what is he doing right this second?,’ ” she joked. “You have to talk yourself into leaving the house.”

Rick Kern/Getty

Earlier that day the couple served as VIP judges at Austin Think It Up, a national initiative from the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

While at the event, Decker admitted that having a child has only intensified her passion for education. She also confessed that most of their day as new parents is spent staring in awe at Hank.

“We just stare and any sort of giggle we attribute to us being hysterical parents, which is not the case at all,” she said. “That is really all we do.”

Rick Kern/Getty

And what do they think he will be when he grows up?

“We have high hopes for him,” Decker said. “We want him to win the Masters and become the President of the United States, all in one year. And win Think it Up because he’s such a brilliant globally thinking entrepreneur at the age of 14. But no pressure.”

To which Roddick added, “He’ll be fine. He has a good mom.”

— Kristen O’Brien

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