By peoplestaff225
April 04, 2007 12:49 PM

Brooke Shields laughs and gently tells Rowan Francis, 3 1/2, to leave her sleeping 11 month old sister Grier Hammond alone after catching her tickling Grier’s leg while out for a walk on Tuesday.

Grier wears Robeez Cherries in pastel pink ($26), while Rowan sports Adidas Kid’s superstar II ($43).

The girls ride in a Baby Jogger City Series Double 12" in Black

($529). Specifically designed for the style conscious urban parent, Baby Jogger’s City Series model features swivel wheels, which are perfect for easy maneuvering. Baby Jogger strollers are favored by celebrity moms such as Gwen Stefani and Michelle Williams. City Series models come in six colors: red, black, navy, lavender, seafoam green and arctic blue. The icing on the cake is that, all told, the stroller and the accessories will total around $600. Danielle has the single and loves it – even recommending it over the Bugaboo. Click here for her review, or catch a snippet in the extended post.

Photo by x17.

By Danielle: We received a City Series model from Baby Jogger and I absolutely love it. I’m not much of a runner but I am a notoriously fast walker. Our main stroller is a Bugaboo Frog but the Baby Jogger is actually a much smoother ride. It has an adjustable handle, folds easily (with one hand!) and the front wheel can be locked (for running) or left for walking. I was excited to learn (although it’s too late with this baby) that the Baby Jogger takes a car seat and you can purchase an optional bassinet as well as a foot muff. I would definitely prefer that to my Bugaboo which is a pain in the arse because if I use the car seat, I have to schlep the stroller seat also.