Now that daughter Grier Henchy is a few months old, Brooke Shields is out bringing home the proverbial bacon. She is currently appearing as plastic surgeon Christian Troy’s therapist on Nip/Tuck and played a supermodel-whose-husband-cheated-on-her-with-an-18-year-old-girl type character on a recent episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

And now you may have seen her new Colgate Total commercial in heavy rotation. In it, Brooke either plays herself or an actress-mom-to-two-girls type who says that a healthy mouth and smile is important to her as an actress and as a mom. It took a viewing or two of the commercial before I realized that the kids in the commercial are not Rowan and Grier!

I understand that she wouldn’t want to expose her girls like that, but I also thought it was kind of strange in that it appears she was supposed to be playing herself. It reminded me of the Bright Beginnings ad that Elisabeth Hasselbeck appeared in, where she too played herself but the "daughter" she nuzzled with was not her baby, Grace. What do you think?