Brooke Shields talks about her daughter's hip dysplasia

Update: According to our correspondent Kristin, who read Brooke’s memoir Down Came the Rain : My Journey Through Postpartum Depression,Brooke talked about Rowan’s hip dysplasia. Every time they tightenedthe harness, Rowan would scream. Chris always tightened the harness-Brooke didn’t want to, nor did she want to hold Rowan. She had to evenbe baptised in the harness. Brooke wrote about how beautiful Rowanlooked in her dress, but then the harness sticking out underneath wasjust heartbreaking.

Originally posted October 11:
If postpartum depression didn’t make the period after her daughter Rowan Henchy‘s birth hard enough, Brooke Shields revealed tonight on Access Hollywood that Rowan has a medical condition called hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is an instability of the hip joint that presents at birth (in Rowan’s case) or during childhood.

To correct the condition, Rowan had to wear a brace for a few months of her infancy. Though Brooke didn’t mention the specific type, Access Hollywood showed a brace called a Pavlik Harness that Rowan most likely wore. According to, a Pavlik Harness is "made of canvas straps, velcro and buckles. It serves tokeep the legs apart and at the correct angle." According to the Hospital for Special Surgery, "the harness isgenerally used for three months total, initially full-time and as thehip position improves and stability is achieved, part-time harnesstreatment may be instituted. Treatment with the Pavlik harness issuccessful in about 85% of dislocated hips in children under 6 monthsof age."

Rowan was treated at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, by orthopedist Dr. David L. Skaggs. Brooke said, "when you’re a new parent and you have a child that has any kind of special need you rely so much not only on the ability of your surgeon or your doctor but the compassion." Brooke said that she had Dr. Skaggs cel phone number and that she would call him when she was "terrified" when she had trouble changing a screaming, crying Rowan’s diaper while she was wearing the harness.

The hospital hosted its second annual Noche de Ninos benefit, on October 7th. At the event, Johnny Depp was honored and presented with the Courage to Care Award by last year’s honoree, Jennifer Lopez. Other celebrities in attendance included Jessica Simpson, Brooke Shields, Billy Crystal, and Danica Patrick.

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles treats more than 58,000 children a year in its Emergency Department. It admits more than 11,000 children a year to the hospital, and nearly 50 percent of those admissions are children under four years of age. There are more than 285,000 visits a year to its 29 outpatient clinics and laboratories; nearly 5,000 visits at community sites through its Division of Adolescent Medicine.

Does your child or someone you know (or even yourself) have hip dysplasia? Please share your stories.

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