By peoplestaff225
Updated May 05, 2005 02:52 PM

Despite suffering from severe post partum depression after the birth of daughter Rowan, Brooke Shields is ready for #2. "I’m weaning off of the [depression] medication that I’m on because I want to have another baby. I feel so much more so because I know I will have a C-section and I will not be in labor for 24 hours. I know that there is a certain medication that can help me regulate my hormones within the third trimester that’s safe for breast-feeding. I will be ready to at least have my head in order so that the rest of me can follow suit and I can enjoy. Now I can’t stand moments away from my daughter and I’m so thankful."

This whole quote sounds weird to me…especially the C-section thing. Although maybe she had one with Rowan and already knows she’ll have another…?