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Children are often able to play one parent off another, and Rowan Francis Henchy is a pro! During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress and author Brooke Shields, 43, revealed just one example of how her 6-year-old daughter selectively conveys information to dad Chris Henchy. Brooke had gotten Rowan set up to do some stamping, with one explicit instruction. “I said, ‘Whatever you do, just don’t [stamp] the counter,'” Brooke recalled. “She looked at me, slid [the paper] over, took a stamp and just [purposefully stamped] right on the counter.”

Brooke then told her daughter that when she was ready to talk about what she’d done, she could come out. What she had momentarily forgotten, however, was that the bathroom was in the midst of a renovation so everything inside was covered in plastic. “It was like American Psycho, or like Dexter…It was literally like I put the baby in, like, a crime scene,” she joked. “All of a sudden she’s screaming, ‘I want to get out! I want to get out!’ and I’m saying, ‘You can’t come out until you’re ready to talk about what you did.'” Disaster then struck when Rowan accidentally locked herself in.

Or so Brooke thought!

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Two or three hours later, all had seemingly returned to normal. Brooke, Rowan and 3-year-old Grier Hammond were in the kitchen preparing dinner, when Chris called. Brooke asked Rowan to answer the phone, and laughed at what happened next. “She goes ‘Hi daddy! Mommy locked me in a bathroom,'” Brooke recalled. “She looks at me and goes, ‘You’re an ‘idiant.'”

Rowan is also showing an intense interest in Brooke’s career as she’s out promoting her new book It’s the Best Day Ever, Dad. Prior to Brooke’s recent appearance on The Today Show, she even asked mom, “What half hour are you?”