"My daughter Rowan doesn't have any of her passwords," Shields tells PEOPLE

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Updated December 03, 2020 06:18 AM

When it comes to her kids, Brooke Shields isn’t afraid to get tough.

The actress opened up about raising her two daughters, Rowan, 12, and Grier, 9, at a time when Instagram and Snapchat rule all — and revealed just how she tries to keep all that social media use in check.

“My daughter Rowan doesn’t have any of her passwords,” Shields, 50, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “She has to ask me to log her in. She’s so mad and embarrassed with her friends, but I’m tough like that.”

Brooke Shields

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And besides being the gatekeeper to her kids social media accounts, Shields also keeps a close eye on their phone and computer usage.

“She’s not allowed to have her phone in her bedroom and there’s real specific computer times other than homework,” she explains.

Shields says she’s constantly striving to find the balance between giving her kids enough freedom without letting them become too overexposed.

“It’s the least that I can do, the rest is so hard,” she says. “You don’t want to overprotect them and then they have no armor — so it’s a balance.”

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— Jodi Guglielmi